Videographer Lee Arnott and The Blind Bowlers of Maine

Good March to you all from ACB of Maine!


As a lot of you probably know, I have had the honor of being involved with the Blind Bowlers of Maine since 2011, and because of it, I have had the privilege of meeting, and becoming friends with quite a few amazing people. This bi-monthly event that I attend usually runs from mid Autumn, through mid spring, and its warming medicine has helped me tremendously these past five years, as those winter months have a habit of trying one’s spirited soul.


Last spring, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a very unique woman. Her name is Lee Arnott, who is a videographer extraordinaire. During a few of our bowling adventures, Lee video taped our candlepin excursions with the Blind Bowler’s group, and her expertly produced video turned out to be just that, a very wonderful and touching look at this time tested event that has brought a community of folks together to share their experiences, strength and hope.


Below, you will find a short bio on Lee Arnott, along with a YouTube link to her produced video. As the webmaster of ACB of Maine, and a proud member of the Blind Bowlers of Maine, I thank you Lee for your efforts, your friendship, and for your unique perspectives. I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that I wish you the very best with your business endeavors, and thank you again for producing such a well crafted documentary about some of the most inspirational people I know.


I would also wish to thank Rolfe Frost for his incredibly gracious and committed efforts. Without you Mr. Frost, none of this would have been possible, and again, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say hats off to you sir, and may each of your days be almost as good as tomorrow.


Deon Lyons

American Council of the Blind of Maine





Lee Arnott is a videographer/editor who resides in the great town of Gardiner, Maine. She owns and operates Sweet Thunder Productions, her video production company.  Lee studied filmmaking at Emerson College, graduating in 1994. She moved to Maine in 2000 and started volunteering at the local community TV station, producing documentaries about local artists and area events. In 2009 she set out to start her own production company, officially opening the doors to Sweet Thunder Productions in 2010. Lee produces Maine wedding videos, marketing and web videos for businesses and non-profits; instructional, educational and  corporate videos throughout the State of Maine. Her passion is documentaries about people and social causes.


The Blind Bowlers Club video is a result of Rolfe Frost, a Clinton, Maine Lions Club member, contacting Lee about producing a short video about his Saturday bus ride throughout Central Maine, picking up blind residents and taking them bowling and out to lunch. Lee traveled with Rolfe on four Saturdays in February, March and April, filming on the bus and at the 1-7-10 Bowling Alley in Augusta. The video combines humor, camaraderie, and the sport of bowling. Rolfe, along with long time bowler Marj Awalt, are featured throughout the video lending their perspectives with regards to the bowling experience, the community and what it means to them personally.


The 8 1/2 minute video crafted by Ms. Arnott has been screened at the Maine Lion’s Club Annual Convention, online, and at various related events.


To view this wonderful video via YouTube, click on the  following link:


Lee’s contact information:

Lee Arnott

Sweet Thunder Productions

(207) 441-7011

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ACB of Maine Has a New Mailing Address

Happy February to all!


ACB of Maine has acquired a new mailing address. If you wish to correspond with our organization using that good old traditional snail mail system, send to the following address:


American Council of the Blind of Maine

PO Box 2885

Waterville, ME 04903


This address will be good until further notice.

Thanks, and have an ACB Day!

Letter of Thanks from Outgoing ACB of Maine President, Mary Ellen Frost

President Frost’s End of Tenure Message to ACB of Maine



As my term ends as president, it is with heartfelt gratitude that I wish to thank the ACB of Maine membership for their confidence in my abilities. Over the years I have renewed and made new friendships which I will always carry with me.


I especially wish to thank those board members whom over the years have supported me in many efforts; my fellow officers who have guided me throughout my term with valuable insight and wisdom.


The office of president provided me with many opportunities for learning. I attended the Crossroads Conference in Kentucky, three national conventions, attended many learning seminars, joined three national committees and participated in workshops and focus groups.


Here in Maine we enjoyed many good times of fellowship; taking our trip to the Botanical Garden, putting on the Dinner In The Dark, working on preparing and serving Clinton Lions Suppers, joining with Maine Adaptive Sports for Kayaking and biking, having our first day in the Hall of Flags, and I may have even forgotten one or two.


Being president has also opened doors of responsibility as well, such as venturing into Presque Isle to present at a workshop, as well as making visits to other organizations, such as Togas, Searsport low vision group and Lions Clubs to advocate for ACB of Maine. I had the privilege to speak several times to the Maine State legislature, which was a first for me, and one that I greatly appreciated.


Holding the office of President of the American Council of the Blind of Maine is certainly a privilege I will cherish. Thank you all again for all you have done to help me bring ACB of Maine into its one hundred twelfth year, and towards the future.


Most Sincerely,

Mary Ellen Frost

Message from the President

Message from the President.


I would first of all like to thank the members present at our annual conference of October 24 for your unanimous support in electing me as president once again of ACB of Maine.  It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity, and to lead our 112 year old organization in carrying out our mission. We have a great board of directors and executive committee, and I am looking forward to working with you all in addressing some of the challenges facing all of us at this time. As always, we could benefit greatly from receiving Full participation from all of our members, working together to help ACB of Maine to reach out to our great professionals, and other organizations striving to improve the lives of Maine’s residence who are blind or visually impaired.


As all of you are aware, our sole state agency for the blind is currently being pulled apart. Key decisions are being made by government officials who are not professionally skilled in the specialized field of blindness rehabilitation, and our concerns are being refused to be heard.  At our recent annual gathering, ACB of Maine passed a motion to take actions necessary to ensure that we maintain a sole state agency which administers and provides seamless services for ALL Maine residents who are blind or visually impaired.


We at ACB of Maine have a great deal of work to do this year. I am confident of the rich traditions of our organization, and of our current membership’s passion for all of us to have equal rights and services needed to fully engage our communities, as well as our abilities to help the blind and visually impaired community to work towards living the American dream. As proud citizens of Maine, we have always, and will always continue to thrive!!


As President of ACB of Maine, I am very much looking forward to working with all of you this year. Let’s make it a year to remember!


All my Best.


Mel Clarrage

You’re President

ACB of Maine



2015 October Events Overview

Well it looks like October is winding down as quick as a cricket. The colors of fall are dropping fast and hints of winter are in the air.


These past two weeks have seen the arrival of two other autumn traditions as well, the white cane and guide dog awareness events, and the annual ACB of Maine conference, which was held in Augusta this season.


Many capably independent travelers took advantage of the opportunity of attending the Pine Tree awareness event in Augusta this year, and from what we’ve heard, all of the other four state events went as well, including the premiere event this season in Dover / Foxcroft. Hats off to all of the participants, and to those who facilitated the events. With your hard work, the canes and paws stepped out onto the streets and sidewalks, representing the blind communities of Maine with unparalleled dignity and grace.


ACB of Maine would also like to thank all those who attended the yearly conference at the Senator Inn in Augusta. With an impressive line up of speakers, the day’s events inspired, informed and cast an ongoing sense of ambitious optimism that will do nothing but help our organization move forward into the upcoming year. New board positions were filled, the wonderful collection of speakers shared their experience, and as the camaraderie of the day began to wind down, old friends, and new, bid each other an affectionate farewell, until they should meet once again.


There’s a certain feel to autumns in Maine, the majestic sights, the splendor of the fragrance that can instantly take you back to your childhood, the warm afternoons after a frosty morn, it all spells out one thing, and one thing alone, Maine.


We at ACB of Maine wish you all nothing but the best as the holiday season heads around the final turn. The amazement of spirit and heart lives inside us all, and the strength within is born from our experiences, opportunities and abilities.


Thanks for stopping by, and have an ACB day!